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4x4 Off Road


If you want to take your 4x4 off road, you have to know what it’s capable of and what it isn’t. Off-road driving can be great fun but can also be highly dangerous if you’re not aware of your vehicle’s limitations.


Training is a necessity for all drivers who use off-road vehicles and ATVs as part of their job or career. Skid School are able to offer this training using our vehicles and training locations. The training we provide ensures you meet all your requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act.


Working with 4×4s can at times at dangerous, however with our professional training we will show you how to approach any hazard that may confront you safely.


Skid School specialise in both Lantra recreational and professional training courses. Whatever you expect your 4×4 drivers to do, we can assess and train them for it.


Whether you plan to stick to the roads or head off into more challenging terrain, 4x4 beginners’ courses are an excellent way of learning to appreciate your vehicle and its capabilities. Web Site Design Company : eCommerce Software Shopping Cart Solutions